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Center for Multicultural Education

Diversity Week

Dr. Blake, 2007

Each fall the Center for Multicultural Education sponsors (or co-sponsors) events promoting diversity. This began as a diversity week, but has expanded in scope and time frame over the years. Diversity Week is a celebration, which promotes  cross-cultural awareness and appreciation; to address barriers to social justice, equality and equity; and to foster change toward a more inclusive pluralistic community. 

Check out some of the events from past years below: 


2009 Diversity Week: 

  • Film Series
  • Featured Speaker: Larry Wilmore
  • Late Night @ the CME: Gran Torino
  • News Talks: Race in the Obama Era
  • Poetry Slam
  • International Opportunities Fair

2008 Diversity Week: 

  • Hot Topic Dialogue
  • Cultural Fair
  • Poetry Slam
  • Featured Speaker: Norma T. Hollis
  • Film Series
  • International Coffee House
  • Roundtable Discussion and Film Screening: "The Darker Side of Fair" 
  • Video Game and Discussion

2007 Diversity Week: 

  • Multicultural Festival 
  • Stevie Wonder Jamz
  • Film Series
  • Featured Speaker: Jon Bul Dau
  • Panel: Efforts Toward Equity in the Cedar Valley

2006 Diversity Week: 

  • Voices of Africa
  • Hot Topics Dialogue: "Religion and Racism in the United States"
  • Featured Speaker: Tim Wise
  • Different Voices: A Student Panel
  • Discussion: "Disasters, Natural and Otherwise: Race, Class and Hurricane Katrina"

2005 Diversity Week:

  • 9/11 Remembrance
  • Employment Hints Workshop
  • Multicultural Festival
  • Featured Speaker: Bob Zellner
  • Film Series
  • Corning Lecture Series: Thomas Friedman
  • Native American Powwow