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Center for Multicultural Education

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does the Center for Multicultural Education do?

We are a student-centered department that promotes student involvement in activities and events designed to increase awareness of oneself as a cultural being and to provide opportunities for interaction with those of other cultural groups. The CME is a safe space for respectful exploration and discovery for all students, including those who would consider themselves part of the majority group.

The CME is home to racial and ethnic minority student organizations (Looking to add more! Email for more information. See Starting Organizations page for starting a student organization).

Our biggest event is the First Fridays series that happen the first Friday of every month students are here (Oct, Nov, Dec, Feb, Mar, Apr) to celebrate different cultures and coming together as a campus community. Click here for details.

2. What is the mission of the CME?

We foster success in racial and ethnic minority students, contribute to the cultural competence of all students, and promote an appreciation of diversity in the University community.

We do this by:

  • Providing programs and services that contribute to success for American racial and ethnic minority students.

  • Encouraging American racial and ethnic minority students to become fully engaged in campus life.

  • Producing programs and activities intended to raise awareness and appreciation of diversity across the campus, and to increase the cultural competence of all students.

  • Providing educational resources for faculty and staff regarding American racial and ethnic minority issues; and

  • Maintaining a facility environment that conveys appreciation for the cultural traditions, expressions, and perspectives of racial and ethnic minorities.

3. Can I reserve the CME space?

At this time, formal reservation procedures and policy are under review. They will be updated, finalized, and posted by early second semester. However, all are welcome to drop by anytime!



Other inquiries may be sent to