Center for Multicultural Education


CME Students at a fountain


The UNI Center for Multicultural Education will advance inclusion and social justice through advocacy and support of underrepresented and marginalized students, provide diversity education for all its community members, and promote a safe and welcoming environment that fosters academic success, a sense of belonging, and respect for all people and cultures.


Develop engaged and culturally competent students leaders who contribute to creating a more inclusive and just society.


  1. Provide a welcoming and supportive environment for underrepresented and marginalized students

  2. Advocate for the concerns of and empower students from underrepresented and marginalized identities

  3. Create pathways for cultural interactions between students, faculty, staff and community to promote awareness and encourage intercultural competency

  4. Facilitate opportunities through programming for students to explore social justice to works towards advocacy and activism

  5. Celebrate the diversity within our UNI and surrounding community

  6. Partner with students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members to advance diversity education and inclusion efforts through programmatic initiatives

  7. Use ongoing assessment to understand and prioritize student needs to enhance CME programming



  • Advocacy and Support

  • Education and Engagement

  • Collaboration and Outreach

  • Assessment

​"People are Important"
​CME Motto