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Reservations and Scheduling

  • CME Room Reservation Form

     (Redirect to the Maucker Union Reservation Request. Choose CME 109P Multi-Purpose Meeting Room under room choice.)



When can I reserve a room?

Room reservations may be booked up to one year in advance.  Room reservations will start at the end of June for the following academic year.  Same day requests may not be able to be honored, a minimum of 24 hour notice is preferred.  Special short-notice reservations may be facilitated by contacting the office at 273-2250.

Who can reserve the rooms?

Students, student organizations, faculty, staff and community members can request room reservations. Note: preference will be given to students and student groups.

What rooms are available?

The Multipurpose Room (109P) and 109 (Lobby) are the only reservable spaces in the CME.  109P has a capacity of 48, with 16 tables that seat 3 each.  The room is always ready to be used featuring tables and chairs, classroom style. Individuals and organizations are responsible room set up. 

Are there fees for rooms in the CME?

Meeting Rooms:
There is no fee to use the CME. The CME staff IS NOT responsible for setup and tear down. Tables and chairs classroom style is the standard setup. Please refer to the top photo as a guide. All groups are responsible for room set-up and (tearing down) returning the space to it's original setup. All student groups and departments charging an admission fee for their events will be assessed a room charge.  Groups that misrepresent an event or affiliation in order to avoid fees and charges will be charged appropriately and may have their reservation privileges suspended, as determined, by the CME Director.

Will my reservation be confirmed?

Yes. Many times there are waiting lists for organizations needing space. To be most effective in coordinating space availability, it is important that groups as individuals choosing not to use their scheduled room notify the CME office so we may reassign the space. The CME staff will confirm requested reservations by email to the requestor. If food is to be served, the CME office should be notified so as to assist in facilitating setup.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

Five (5) working days’ notice is required to cancel a general meeting room reservation in the CME to avoid penalties on future room use. Those  who cancel their reservation with less than 5 working days before the event will be given only one (1) late cancelation without penalty. The second will result in room reservation privileges for the remainder of the semester.

What if I'm a "no-show?"

(1) “No show” per semester without penalty. The second will result in room reservation privileges being forfeited for the remainder of the semester.

Can I decorate for my event?

You are encouraged to visit your event space prior to planning decorations. Each space has a unique décor, as well as restrictions, and many need very little decoration. Use of open flames (as in tapered candles), glitter and confetti is not allowed.

  • All decorations provided by user group must have prior approval of the CME Administrative Office.
  • No taping, stapling, tacking or adhering to any walls, windows, furniture or floors will be allowed. Wooden sign standards are available for posting information. Poster Putty and Blue Painters tape are to be used for hanging up decorations.
  • The use of a helium tank within Maucker Union and the CME must have prior approval of  Maucker Union Business and Operations Manager.
  • Any banners or special signs that are requested to be hung must be delivered to the CME 24 hours prior to the reservation.
  • Decoration items that “bleed” color when wet (i.e., crepe paper) or may cause discoloration of furniture, walls or floor surfaces will not be allowed. (Suggest use of mylar material instead)
  • The use of pyrotechnics will not be allowed. The use of open flame is restricted to the stationary use of candles in enclosed holders (i.e., votives) to be used as table decorations for dining or special entertaining events. All events using candles must be monitored by union personnel and must have prior approval of the Business and Operations Manager.